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Board of Trustees

Our Vision
All ACISD students are equipped with the tools to navigate a path to success as a productive member of society.
Mission Statement
We prepare each student academically and socially to be a critical thinker, a problem solver, and a responsible and productive individual. Every child receives quality curriculum, instruction, and services to realize his or her personal potential.
Board of Trustees
Name Email Number Place/Office Term Elected Term Expires
Kenneth Cruzan   1, President May 2019 May 2022
Eli Ramos   4, Board Member May 2019 May 2022
Ray Garza 834.263.6718 5, Board Member May 2020 May 2023
Cindy Robbins 361.205.0412 2, Secretary May 2020 May 2023
Tommy King   3, Board Member May 2021 May 2024
Michaela Alston 512.293.0239 6, Vice President May 2021 May 2024
Bonni Randall   7, Board Member May 2020 May 2022