Staff Directory


Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community.

District Staff Directory

Name Phone Campus
Martha Adams Adams, Martha Child Nutrition
Molly Adams Adams, Molly (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Buddy Adcock Adcock, Buddy (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mary Aguilar Aguilar, Mary (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Leilani Aguirre Aguirre, Leilani (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Pamela Alaniz Alaniz, Pamela (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Adriana Alfaro Alfaro, Adriana (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Hermelinda Alfaro Alfaro, Hermelinda Child Nutrition
Barbara Alford-Hull Alford-Hull, Barbara (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Gloria Alonso Alonso, Gloria (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Mary Anders Anders, Mary (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ashley Anderson Anderson, Ashley Child Nutrition
Betty Anthony Anthony, Betty (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
James Arambula Arambula, James (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Maria Arismendez Arismendez, Maria Child Nutrition
John Armstrong Armstrong, John (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lynda Baker Baker, Lynda Transportation Drivers
Photo not available at user's request Bapp, Cindy (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Gretel Bardin Bardin, Gretel (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Melissa Barrett Barrett, Melissa (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Ronald Barritt Barritt, Ronald Transportation Drivers
Christine Bates Bates, Christine Transportation Drivers
Damien Bates Bates, Damien (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Joanna Bates Bates, Joanna (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Christian Beal Beal, Christian Child Nutrition
Anna Benavidez Benavidez, Anna Child Nutrition
Gregory Benavidez Benavidez, Gregory (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ashley Benitz Benitz, Ashley Child Nutrition
Chris Bentley Bentley, Chris (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lisa Bethel Bethel, Lisa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Amanda Bickle Bickle, Amanda (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Patricia Biffle Biffle, Patricia (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Shaoli Billy Billy, Shaoli Child Nutrition
Edi Bishop Bishop, Edi (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Kay Blaha Blaha, Kay (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Nelda Blaschke Blaschke, Nelda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Deborah Bleiker Bleiker, Deborah (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Edward Bocanegra Bocanegra, Edward (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Danny Boehm Boehm, Danny (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Amy Boone Boone, Amy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Brenda Boyd Boyd, Brenda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Bret Boyd Boyd, Bret (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kyle Bradley Bradley, Kyle (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Janice Brandenburg Brandenburg, Janice (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Julie Brandt Brandt, Julie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lauren Breedlove Breedlove, Lauren (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Andrea Brewington Brewington, Andrea (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Mary Brown Brown, Mary Transportation Drivers
Ligia Bryant Bryant, Ligia (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Katherine Buckley Buckley, Katherine (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kathryn Buckley KATHRYN B. STEPHENSON (361)790-2000 Superintendent's Office
Angela Bursiel Bursiel, Angela (361)790-2292 Transportation
Amanda Burton Burton, Amanda (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Douglas Burton Burton, Douglas Transportation Drivers
Gay Burton Burton, Gay Transportation Drivers
Harold Busack Busack, Harold (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Norma Cadriel Cadriel, Norma Child Nutrition
Amanda Calderon Calderon, Amanda (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Kathleen Caldwell Caldwell, Kathleen Security and Monitoring
David Cameron Cameron, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lorraine Cameron Cameron, Lorraine (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Ludivina Cantu Cantu, Ludivina (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Rosalinda Cantu Cantu, Rosalinda (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ruby Cantu Cantu, Ruby Transportation Drivers
Long Cao Cao, Long (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Dianne Carbajal Carbajal, Dianne (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Colette Carlisle Carlisle, Colette Child Nutrition
Ruth Castillo Castillo, Ruth (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Sonia Castillo Castillo, Sonia (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Emily Castor Castor, Emily (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Mark Castro Castro, Mark (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Deidra Cate Cate, Deidra ACE Program
Lorrie Cathey Cathey, Lorrie ACE Program
Mary Chapa Chapa, Mary Transportation Drivers
Chelsea Charlton Charlton, Chelsea (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Niki Chesson Chesson, Niki (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Suzanne Citek Citek, Suzanne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Benjamin Clark Clark, Benjamin (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jessica Clark Clark, Jessica (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kimberly Clark Clark, Kimberly (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Reanna Clifton Clifton, Reanna (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Stephanie Cobb Cobb, Stephanie Special/Federal Programs
Jodi Cole Cole, Jodi (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Natasha Collums Collums, Natasha (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Kathryn Conly Conly, Kathryn (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Robert Cornish Cornish, Robert Transportation Drivers
Laura Covarrubias Covarrubias, Laura Special/Federal Programs
Carrie Cox Cox, Carrie (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Cox, Linda (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
John Crady Crady, John (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Trey Crampton Crampton, Trey (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Crawford, Robin Athletics
Holly Crosland Crosland, Holly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Alex Cruz Cruz, Alex Child Nutrition
Mark Dandre Dandre, Mark (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Norma Danser Danser, Norma Transportation Drivers
Joe Davidson Davidson, Joe (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Ashton Davis Davis, Ashton (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Sandra Davis Davis, Sandra (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Dona Dawkins Dawkins, Dona (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Sameera De leon De leon, Sameera (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Paula Dean Dean, Paula ACE Program
Emilio Del rio Del rio, Emilio (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Diana Delarosa Delarosa, Diana (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kristin Devine Devine, Kristin (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Dietrich, Sarilyn (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
David Dillard Dillard, David Transportation Drivers
Tami Domasco Domasco, Tami (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Andy Dominguez Dominguez, Andy (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Rob Douglas Douglas, Rob (361)790-2292 Business Office(CFO)
David Dreyer Dreyer, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Cindy Duck Duck, Cindy ACE Program
Stephanie Dunn Dunn, Stephanie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Bethlyn Dupnik Dupnik, Bethlyn (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Courtney Eady Eady, Courtney Child Nutrition
Jan Eddins Eddins, Jan Child Nutrition
Ryan Edmonds Edmonds, Ryan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Arturo Elizondo Elizondo, Arturo (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mike Elkins Elkins, Mike (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Kimberly Ellis Ellis, Kimberly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Marrissa Emerson Emerson, Marrissa (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sara Emerson Emerson, Sara (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Linda Erwin Erwin, Linda (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Emma Espinoza Espinoza, Emma Child Nutrition
Gloria Esquivel Esquivel, Gloria (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sheryl Evans Evans, Sheryl (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Cassietta Finnels Finnels, Cassietta Child Nutrition
Richard Flather Flather, Richard (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Domingo Flores Flores, Domingo (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Rachel Flores Flores, Rachel (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Vincent Flores Flores, Vincent (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Merlene Flournoy Flournoy, Merlene (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Kimberly Forgus Forgus, Kimberly Transportation Drivers
Debra Fortin Fortin, Debra Transportation Drivers
Paul Foster Foster, Paul (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Vanessa Friebele Friebele, Vanessa (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Christy Friedel Friedel, Christy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kailey Frost Frost, Kailey (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Patricia Frost Frost, Patricia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Reyna Fuentes Fuentes, Reyna (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Carol Fuller Fuller, Carol (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Annette Gambill Gambill, Annette (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Alicia Garcia Garcia, Alicia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Augie Garcia Garcia, Augie (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Donna Garcia Garcia, Donna (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Donna Garcia Garcia, Donna (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lupe Garcia Garcia, Lupe (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Eli Garcia Garcia, Eli (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Ruben Garcia Garcia, Ruben (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Stephanie Garcia Garcia, Stephanie (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Chris Garis Garis, Chris (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Larissa Garza Garza, Larissa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Patty Garza Garza, Patty Transportation Drivers
Rafaela Garza Garza, Rafaela Child Nutrition
Cheryl Gembler Gembler, Cheryl (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Gibson, Michele (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Michael Gibson Gibson, Michael (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Amber Gips Gips, Amber (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Gisler, Monah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Glaus, Andrew (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Sherri Gleckner Gleckner, Sherri (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Glenn, Leslie (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Nicole Gloor Gloor, Nicole (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Mellissa Glover Glover, Mellissa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Brenda Gonzales Gonzales, Brenda (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Lisa Gonzales Gonzales, Lisa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Elsa Gonzalez Gonzalez, Elsa (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Maria Gonzalez Gonzalez, Maria (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ofelia Gonzalez Gonzalez, Ofelia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Gerald Goodwin Goodwin, Gerald (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Barbara Gordon Gordon, Barbara (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Magdoline Graham Graham, Magdoline Child Nutrition
Tony Graham Graham, Tony (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Marcia Green Green, Marcia (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Susan Grewe-Schneider Grewe-Schneider, Susan (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jennifer Griffeth Griffeth, Jennifer (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Joseph Grimes Grimes, Joseph (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jeffery Groseclose Groseclose, Jeffery (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Laura Groseclose Groseclose, Laura (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Grover, Jill (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ryan Gupton Gupton, Ryan (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Sandra Gusler Gusler, Sandra (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sandra Gutierrez Gutierrez, Sandra (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Misty Hagan Hagan, Misty Child Nutrition
Laura Haley Haley, Laura (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Marcia Hanberry Hanberry, Marcia Transportation Drivers
Andria Hannum Hannum, Andria (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Michael Hannum Hannum, Michael (361)790-2230 Superintendent's Office
Leasa Harrington Harrington, Leasa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ashley Hastings Hastings, Ashley (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Anna Hawes Hawes, Anna (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Cynthia Head Head, Cynthia (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Bowman Henderson Henderson, Bowman (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kathy Henderson Henderson, Kathy (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Shelly Henderson Henderson, Shelly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Hight, Sandra (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Dina Hill Hill, Dina (361)790-2212 Curriculum Office
Hailey Hill Hill, Hailey (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Amber Hillis Hillis, Amber (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kimberly Hixson Hixson, Kimberly (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Mary Holland Holland, Mary Child Nutrition
Katharine Holt Holt, Katharine (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Hough, Brittanie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jerry Howell Howell, Jerry (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Howell-Lutton, Bonnie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Frederick Hoyt Hoyt, Frederick (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Carlos Huerta Huerta, Carlos Child Nutrition
Darcy Huggins Huggins, Darcy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Hailey Hunter Hunter, Hailey Transportation Drivers
Elsa Hurtado Hurtado, Elsa Child Nutrition
Bonnie Hybner Hybner, Bonnie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Ibarra, Leann (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Lindsey Jacaman Jacaman, Lindsey (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Robert Jackson Jackson, Robert (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Rhonda Jacobs Jacobs, Rhonda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Tom Jaggard Jaggard, Tom (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Yvonne Jaggard Jaggard, Yvonne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lynn Jalomo Jalomo, Lynn Child Nutrition
Wendy Jamison Jamison, Wendy (361)790-2212 Human Resources
Amy Janssen Janssen, Amy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Joey Jasso Jasso, Joey (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Jedlicka, Derek (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Mark Jeffery Jeffery, Mark (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jackie Jenkins Jenkins, Jackie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Danielle Jimenez Jimenez, Danielle Transportation Drivers
Bridget Johnson Johnson, Bridget (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Vicki Jones Jones, Vicki Child Nutrition
Ami Keller Keller, Ami Child Nutrition
Patricia Kenjura Kenjura, Patricia (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Collin Kerr Kerr, Collin (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Betty Killough Killough, Betty Transportation Drivers
Candice King King, Candice (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Valarie King King, Valarie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Christine Kirchens Kirchens, Christine Transportation Drivers
Micaela Klein Klein, Micaela (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Leslie Knight Knight, Leslie (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Julie Knipling Knipling, Julie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Sydney Knippa Knippa, Sydney (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
James Koski Koski, James Transportation Drivers
Heather Kriewald Kriewald, Heather (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Tara Krueger Krueger, Tara (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Lance Kullman Kullman, Lance (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Patricia Larsen Larsen, Patricia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Lawing Lawing, Jennifer (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Kimberly Lawing Lawing, Kimberly (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Thomas Lawing Lawing, Thomas (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Carlos Leal Leal, Carlos (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Leal, Michelle (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Ledbetter, Annette (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Katie Ledbetter Ledbetter, Katie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jody Lee Lee, Jody Transportation Drivers
John Lee Lee, John (361)790-2292 Transportation
Alice Lindquist Lindquist, Alice (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Dana Little Little, Dana (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Donna Looney Looney, Donna (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Misty Loosemore Loosemore, Misty (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Veronica Lowrey Lowrey, Veronica (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Alicia Luttman Luttman, Alicia (361)-790-2017 Superintendent's Office
John Luttman jr Luttman jr, John (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mitchell Lynch Lynch, Mitchell (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Praise Lynch Lynch, Praise (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Dana Madill Madill, Dana (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Daniel Makinen Makinen, Daniel Transportation Drivers
Maria Makinen Makinen, Maria Transportation Drivers
Latisha Mann Mann, Latisha (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jessica Manning Manning, Jessica (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Anna Manon Manon, Anna (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Julie Manson Manson, Julie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Glenda Marion Marion, Glenda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Marshall, Linda (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Mary Martin Martin, Mary (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Angela Martinez Martinez, Angela Transportation Drivers
Photo not available at user's request Martinez, Daniel lewis (361)790-2292 Transportation
Toni Martinez Martinez, Toni (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jonathan Masch Masch, Jonathan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Emily Mason Mason, Emily (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Mason, Gwendolyn (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Susan Mathers Mathers, Susan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Melissa Mathis Mathis, Melissa (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Debra Mayes Mayes, Debra (361)790-2250 Central Warehouse & Purchasing
Photo not available at user's request Mcburnett, Melissa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Mccall Mccall, Jennifer (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Kathryn Mccarty Mccarty, Kathryn (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rebecca Mcclure Mcclure, Rebecca Child Nutrition
Donna Mccluskey Mccluskey, Donna (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Linda Mccormick Mccormick, Linda Transportation Drivers
Jerry Mcdermott Mcdermott, Jerry (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Emmett Mcdonald Mcdonald, Emmett (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
James Mcdonnel Mcdonnel, James (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Mcgree, Stephanie (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Linda Mckeon Mckeon, Linda (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
David Mckinney Mckinney, David (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Martha Mcleod Mcleod, Martha (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Joe Medrano Medrano, Joe (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Morgan Melde Melde, Morgan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Valente Mena Mena, Valente (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Donald Mercer Mercer, Donald (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Karen Mercer Mercer, Karen (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Becky Merritt Merritt, Becky (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Cynthia Metzler Metzler, Cynthia (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Rhonda Mieth Mieth, Rhonda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Robert Miller Miller, Robert (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Nelda Mills Mills, Nelda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Warren Mitchell Mitchell, Warren (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sarah Moczygemba Moczygemba, Sarah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ashley Moeckel Moeckel, Ashley (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Roxan Mohr Mohr, Roxan (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Ciji Moody Moody, Ciji Transportation Drivers
Sammie Moore Moore, Sammie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Floyd Mora Mora, Floyd (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Susan Mora Mora, Susan (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Heather Morales Morales, Heather (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Yolanda Morales Morales, Yolanda Child Nutrition
Cherise Mosby Mosby, Cherise Child Nutrition
Michelle Moses Moses, Michelle Child Nutrition
Gary Mott Mott, Gary (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Shirley Mullenax Mullenax, Shirley (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Yvonne Mundine Mundine, Yvonne Special/Federal Programs
Mario Munoz Munoz, Mario Security and Monitoring
Andrea Naismith Naismith, Andrea (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kelsey Nelson Nelson, Kelsey (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Al Nesbit Nesbit, Al (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Hailey Ngo Ngo, Hailey (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Nguyen, Kelley (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Tam Nguyen Nguyen, Tam (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Mike Nowotny Nowotny, Mike (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Virginia Nunez Nunez, Virginia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Candace Ochoa Ochoa, Candace (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Janet Offutt Offutt, Janet (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lindsay Olenick Olenick, Lindsay (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Aneita Ortiz-Cedeno Ortiz-Cedeno, Aneita District
David Owens Owens, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Cari Parker Parker, Cari (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Joseph Patek Patek, Joseph (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Kathryn Patteson Patteson, Kathryn (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jeannie Payne Payne, Jeannie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Pena, Melissa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Logan Pence Pence, Logan (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Darla Perez Perez, Darla (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rheanna Picarazzi Picarazzi, Rheanna (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Sean Picarazzi Picarazzi, Sean (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Harvey Pina Pina, Harvey ACE Program
Xiomara Pina Pina, Xiomara (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Melissa Pittman Pittman, Melissa (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Trista Pittman Pittman, Trista (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Denise Poland Poland, Denise (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Paula Polasek Polasek, Paula (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Tina Pouliot Pouliot, Tina (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Diana Prieto Prieto, Diana (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rudy Quintero Quintero, Rudy (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Tonia Ramaker Ramaker, Tonia (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Ruth Ramirez Ramirez, Ruth (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jennifer Ramos Ramos, Jennifer (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Randall, Patricia (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Suzanne Ransleben Ransleben, Suzanne District
Rose Rau Rau, Rose (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Julie Redden Redden, Julie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Cheri Reeves Reeves, Cheri (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Joseph Repasky Repasky, Joseph (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Marcia Repasky Repasky, Marcia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kimberly Reyes Reyes, Kimberly (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mateo Reyes Reyes, Mateo (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Melissa Reyes Reyes, Melissa (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
David Rice Rice, David (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Emily Rice Rice, Emily (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Lori Rice Rice, Lori (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Robin Rice Rice, Robin (361)790-2260 Superintendent's Office
Nancy Richmond Richmond, Nancy Child Nutrition
William Ricketts Ricketts, William (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Shawna Rinche Rinche, Shawna (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Marcus Rios Rios, Marcus (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Gail Roaten Roaten, Gail (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jessica Robbins Robbins, Jessica (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Robie Robbins Robbins, Robie (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Alvira Roberts Roberts, Alvira (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jessica Rodrigue Rodrigue, Jessica (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Leticia Rodriguez Rodriguez, Leticia Child Nutrition
Nancy Rodriguez Rodriguez, Nancy (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Yvonne Rodriguez Rodriguez, Yvonne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kimberly Rogan Rogan, Kimberly (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Scott Rogers Rogers, Scott (361)790-2220 Superintendent's Office
Lisa Rozacky Rozacky, Lisa (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
K'trinia Saegert Saegert, K'trinia (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Arnoldo Salazar Salazar, Arnoldo (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lisa Saldivar Saldivar, Lisa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Irma Salinas Salinas, Irma (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Jacob Sanchez Sanchez, Jacob (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Luis Sanchez Sanchez, Luis (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Larry Satrang Satrang, Larry Transportation Drivers
Kate Schiwart Schiwart, Kate (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Anne Schobelock Schobelock, Anne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Ross Schonhoeft Schonhoeft, Ross (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Christa Schultz Schultz, Christa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Schultz Schultz, Jennifer (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Schwab, Nicole (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Eric Scott Scott, Eric (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jay Seibert Seibert, Jay (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Lacy Seibert Seibert, Lacy (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Lucas Seidel Seidel, Lucas (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Stephanie Seidel Seidel, Stephanie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Roger Sellers Sellers, Roger (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Sheila Senterfitt Senterfitt, Sheila ACE Program
Photo not available at user's request Serna, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Brooke Sharum Sharum, Brooke (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Shatraw Shatraw, Jennifer (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sarah Shea Shea, Sarah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Tammy Shipman Shipman, Tammy Child Nutrition
Sheryl Shirley Shirley, Sheryl (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Lorne Shoemake Shoemake, Lorne (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Heather Sifuentas Sifuentas, Heather (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Kylie Silchenstedt Silchenstedt, Kylie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Julie Simmons Simmons, Julie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Singleterry, Martina (361)790-2292 Transportation
Angie Skinner Skinner, Angie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Sarah Sloan Sloan, Sarah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ashley Smith Smith, Ashley (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Deborah Smith Smith, Deborah (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Amanda Snyder Snyder, Amanda (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Dwayne Solis Solis, Dwayne (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lynna Solis Solis, Lynna (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Ester Solis Solis, Ester (361)790-2250 Central Warehouse & Purchasing
Rosa Soto Soto, Rosa Child Nutrition
Christina Spears Spears, Christina (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Norm Spears Spears, Norm (361)790-2250 Superintendent's Office
Sally Specht Specht, Sally (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
John Speck Speck, John (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kelly Spencer Spencer, Kelly (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Wayne Spillman Spillman, Wayne (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jenny Stack Stack, Jenny (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jodee Stanush Stanush, Jodee (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
John Staples Staples, John (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Christopher Starnes Starnes, Christopher (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Donna Steinle Steinle, Donna (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
April Stone Stone, April (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Savannah Stone Stone, Savannah (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kimberly Stroud Stroud, Kimberly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
David Swartwout Swartwout, David (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Krystle Sweeney Sweeney, Krystle Child Nutrition
Jana Tarkington Tarkington, Jana (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Debra Taylor Taylor, Debra Child Nutrition
Connie Teal Teal, Connie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Robert Tersero Tersero, Robert Transportation Drivers
Teague Tharp Tharp, Teague (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Stacy Thole Thole, Stacy (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Judith Thomas Thomas, Judith (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Molly Thorn Thorn, Molly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Alma Thornberry Thornberry, Alma (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Randa Tiner Tiner, Randa (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Juan Torres Torres, Juan (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Matthew Torres Torres, Matthew (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Cynthia Torrez Torrez, Cynthia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rose Tran Tran, Rose (361)790-2240 Superintendent's Office
Laverne Trapp Trapp, Laverne (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Susan Travis Travis, Susan (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Elia Tristan Tristan, Elia Child Nutrition
Olivia Tristan Tristan, Olivia Child Nutrition
Vilsa Troche Troche, Vilsa (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Donna Tunchez Tunchez, Donna Child Nutrition
Lynda Turner Turner, Lynda (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Dolores Valdez Valdez, Dolores (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Myra Vasquez Vasquez, Myra (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Naomi Vega Vega, Naomi Child Nutrition
Jesus Vela Vela, Jesus (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Dolores Venegas Venegas, Dolores (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Gina Vilches Vilches, Gina (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Marla Voigt Voigt, Marla Child Nutrition
Monica Waggoner Waggoner, Monica (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Traci Walter Walter, Traci (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Tracy Warren Warren, Tracy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Pamela Waters Waters, Pamela (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Judy Weddell Weddell, Judy (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Jan Weekley Weekley, Jan Special/Federal Programs
Patricia Whiddon Whiddon, Patricia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Yvette Whitley Whitley, Yvette (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Katie Whitten Whitten, Katie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Garry Wiatrek Wiatrek, Garry (361)790-2250 Central Warehouse & Purchasing
Bianca Williams Williams, Bianca (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Stratton Williams Williams, Stratton (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jed Wilshire Wilshire, Jed (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Amanda Wilson Wilson, Amanda Child Nutrition
Cheryl Wilson Wilson, Cheryl (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
David Wilson Wilson, David (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jill Wilson Wilson, Jill (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Wilson, Lisa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Veronica Wilson Wilson, Veronica Transportation Drivers
Shalala Wood Wood, Shalala (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Tina Woodford Woodford, Tina (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jaclyn Wooldridge Wooldridge, Jaclyn (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Elizabeth Worley Worley, Elizabeth (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Young, Julie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Robert Young Young, Robert (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Tarah Young Young, Tarah (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kristina Yzaguirre Yzaguirre, Kristina (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Linda Zapata Zapata, Linda (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Samuel Zapata Zapata, Samuel (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Alvin Zigmond Zigmond, Alvin Transportation Drivers
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