Staff Directory


Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community.

District Staff Directory

Name Phone Campus
Molly Adams Adams, Molly (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Buddy Adcock Adcock, Buddy (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mary Aguilar Aguilar, Mary (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Leilani Aguirre Aguirre, Leilani (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Pamela Alaniz Alaniz, Pamela (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Adriana Alfaro Alfaro, Adriana (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Hermelinda Alfaro Alfaro, Hermelinda Child Nutrition
Barbara Alford-Hull Alford-Hull, Barbara (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Gloria Alonso Alonso, Gloria (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Mary Anders Anders, Mary (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Betty Anthony Anthony, Betty (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
James Arambula Arambula, James (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Maria Arismendez Arismendez, Maria Child Nutrition
John Armstrong Armstrong, John (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lynda Baker Baker, Lynda Transportation Drivers
Photo not available at user's request Bapp, Cindy (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Gretel Bardin Bardin, Gretel (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Melissa Barrett Barrett, Melissa (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Ronald Barritt Barritt, Ronald Transportation Drivers
Christine Bates Bates, Christine Transportation Drivers
Damien Bates Bates, Damien (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Joanna Bates Bates, Joanna (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Christian Beal Beal, Christian Child Nutrition
Anna Benavidez Benavidez, Anna Child Nutrition
Gregory Benavidez Benavidez, Gregory (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ashley Benitz Benitz, Ashley Child Nutrition
Chris Bentley Bentley, Chris (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lisa Bethel Bethel, Lisa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Amanda Bickle Bickle, Amanda (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Patricia Biffle Biffle, Patricia (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Shaoli Billy Billy, Shaoli Child Nutrition
Edi Bishop Bishop, Edi (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Kay Blaha Blaha, Kay (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Nelda Blaschke Blaschke, Nelda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Deborah Bleiker Bleiker, Deborah (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Edward Bocanegra Bocanegra, Edward (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Danny Boehm Boehm, Danny (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Amy Boone Boone, Amy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Brenda Boyd Boyd, Brenda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Bret Boyd Boyd, Bret (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kyle Bradley Bradley, Kyle (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Janice Brandenburg Brandenburg, Janice (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Julie Brandt Brandt, Julie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lauren Breedlove Breedlove, Lauren (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Andrea Brewington Brewington, Andrea (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Mary Brown Brown, Mary Transportation Drivers
Felisia  Brummett Brummett, Felisia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Felisia  Brummett Brummett, Felisia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Ligia Bryant Bryant, Ligia (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Katherine Buckley Buckley, Katherine (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kathryn Buckley KATHRYN B. STEPHENSON (361)790-2000 Superintendent's Office
Sarah Buntz Buntz, Sarah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Angela Bursiel Bursiel, Angela (361)790-2292 Transportation
Amanda Burton Burton, Amanda (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Douglas Burton Burton, Douglas Transportation Drivers
Gay Burton Burton, Gay Transportation Drivers
Harold Busack Busack, Harold (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Norma Cadriel Cadriel, Norma Child Nutrition
Amanda Calderon Calderon, Amanda (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Kathleen Caldwell Caldwell, Kathleen Security and Monitoring
David Cameron Cameron, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lorraine Cameron Cameron, Lorraine (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Ludivina Cantu Cantu, Ludivina (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Rosalinda Cantu Cantu, Rosalinda (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ruby Cantu Cantu, Ruby Transportation Drivers
Long Cao Cao, Long (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Dianne Carbajal Carbajal, Dianne (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Colette Carlisle Carlisle, Colette Child Nutrition
Ruth Castillo Castillo, Ruth (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Sonia Castillo Castillo, Sonia (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Emily Castor Castor, Emily (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Mark Castro Castro, Mark (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Deidra Cate Cate, Deidra ACE Program
Lorrie Cathey Cathey, Lorrie ACE Program
Mary Chapa Chapa, Mary Transportation Drivers
Chelsea Charlton Charlton, Chelsea (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Niki Chesson Chesson, Niki (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Suzanne Citek Citek, Suzanne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Benjamin Clark Clark, Benjamin (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jessica Clark Clark, Jessica (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kimberly Clark Clark, Kimberly (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Reanna Clifton Clifton, Reanna (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Stephanie Cobb Cobb, Stephanie Special/Federal Programs
Jodi Cole Cole, Jodi (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Robert Cornish Cornish, Robert Transportation Drivers
Laura Covarrubias Covarrubias, Laura Special/Federal Programs
Carrie Cox Cox, Carrie (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Cox, Linda (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
John Crady Crady, John (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Trey Crampton Crampton, Trey (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Crawford, Robin Athletics
Holly Crosland Crosland, Holly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Alex Cruz Cruz, Alex Child Nutrition
Mark Dandre Dandre, Mark (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Norma Danser Danser, Norma Transportation Drivers
Joe Davidson Davidson, Joe (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Ashton Davis Davis, Ashton (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Sandra Davis Davis, Sandra (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Dona Dawkins Dawkins, Dona (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Paula Dean Dean, Paula ACE Program
Emilio Del rio Del rio, Emilio (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Diana Delarosa Delarosa, Diana (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kristin Devine Devine, Kristin (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Dietrich, Sarilyn (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
David Dillard Dillard, David Transportation Drivers
Tami Domasco Domasco, Tami (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Andy Dominguez Dominguez, Andy (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Rob Douglas Douglas, Rob (361)790-2292 Business Office(CFO)
David Dreyer Dreyer, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Cindy Duck Duck, Cindy ACE Program
Stephanie Dunn Dunn, Stephanie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Bethlyn Dupnik Dupnik, Bethlyn (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Courtney Eady Eady, Courtney Child Nutrition
Jan Eddins Eddins, Jan Child Nutrition
Ryan Edmonds Edmonds, Ryan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Arturo Elizondo Elizondo, Arturo (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mike Elkins Elkins, Mike (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Kimberly Ellis Ellis, Kimberly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Marrissa Emerson Emerson, Marrissa (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sara Emerson Emerson, Sara (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Linda Erwin Erwin, Linda (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Emma Espinoza Espinoza, Emma Child Nutrition
Gloria Esquivel Esquivel, Gloria (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sheryl Evans Evans, Sheryl (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Richard Flather Flather, Richard (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Domingo Flores Flores, Domingo (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Rachel Flores Flores, Rachel (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Vincent Flores Flores, Vincent (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Merlene Flournoy Flournoy, Merlene (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Kimberly Forgus Forgus, Kimberly Transportation Drivers
Paul Foster Foster, Paul (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Vanessa Friebele Friebele, Vanessa (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Christy Friedel Friedel, Christy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kailey Frost Frost, Kailey (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Patricia Frost Frost, Patricia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Reyna Fuentes Fuentes, Reyna (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Carol Fuller Fuller, Carol (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Annette Gambill Gambill, Annette (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Alicia Garcia Garcia, Alicia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Augie Garcia Garcia, Augie (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Donna Garcia Garcia, Donna (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Donna Garcia Garcia, Donna (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Lupe Garcia Garcia, Lupe (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ruben Garcia Garcia, Ruben (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Stephanie Garcia Garcia, Stephanie (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Chris Garis Garis, Chris (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Larissa Garza Garza, Larissa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Patty Garza Garza, Patty Transportation Drivers
Rafaela Garza Garza, Rafaela Child Nutrition
Cheryl Gembler Gembler, Cheryl (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Gibson, Michele (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Michael Gibson Gibson, Michael (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Amber Gips Gips, Amber (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Gisler, Monah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Glaus, Andrew (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Sherri Gleckner Gleckner, Sherri (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Glenn, Leslie (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Nicole Gloor Gloor, Nicole (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Mellissa Glover Glover, Mellissa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Brenda Gonzales Gonzales, Brenda (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Elsa Gonzalez Gonzalez, Elsa (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Maria Gonzalez Gonzalez, Maria (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Ofelia Gonzalez Gonzalez, Ofelia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Gerald Goodwin Goodwin, Gerald (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Barbara Gordon Gordon, Barbara (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Magdoline Graham Graham, Magdoline Child Nutrition
Tony Graham Graham, Tony (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Marcia Green Green, Marcia (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Susan Grewe-Schneider Grewe-Schneider, Susan (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jennifer Griffeth Griffeth, Jennifer (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Joseph Grimes Grimes, Joseph (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jeffery Groseclose Groseclose, Jeffery (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Laura Groseclose Groseclose, Laura (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Grover, Jill (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ryan Gupton Gupton, Ryan (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Sandra Gusler Gusler, Sandra (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sandra Gutierrez Gutierrez, Sandra (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Misty Hagan Hagan, Misty Child Nutrition
Laura Haley Haley, Laura (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Andria Hannum Hannum, Andria (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Michael Hannum Hannum, Michael (361)790-2230 Superintendent's Office
Leasa Harrington Harrington, Leasa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ashley Hastings Hastings, Ashley (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Anna Hawes Hawes, Anna (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Cynthia Head Head, Cynthia (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Kathy Henderson Henderson, Kathy (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Shelly Henderson Henderson, Shelly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Hight, Sandra (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Dina Hill Hill, Dina (361)790-2212 Curriculum Office
Hailey Hill Hill, Hailey (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Amber Hillis Hillis, Amber (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kimberly Hixson Hixson, Kimberly (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Katharine Holt Holt, Katharine (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Hough, Brittanie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jerry Howell Howell, Jerry (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Howell-Lutton, Bonnie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Frederick Hoyt Hoyt, Frederick (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Carlos Huerta Huerta, Carlos Child Nutrition
Darcy Huggins Huggins, Darcy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jana Hunsicker Hunsicker, Jana (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Hailey Hunter Hunter, Hailey Transportation Drivers
Elsa Hurtado Hurtado, Elsa Child Nutrition
Bonnie Hybner Hybner, Bonnie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Ibarra, Leann (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lindsey Jacaman Jacaman, Lindsey (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Robert Jackson Jackson, Robert (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Rhonda Jacobs Jacobs, Rhonda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Tom Jaggard Jaggard, Tom (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Yvonne Jaggard Jaggard, Yvonne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lynn Jalomo Jalomo, Lynn Child Nutrition
Wendy Jamison Jamison, Wendy (361)790-2212 Human Resources
Amy Janssen Janssen, Amy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Jasso, Brittany (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Joey Jasso Jasso, Joey (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Jedlicka, Derek (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Mark Jeffery Jeffery, Mark (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jackie Jenkins Jenkins, Jackie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Danielle Jimenez Jimenez, Danielle Transportation Drivers
Bridget Johnson Johnson, Bridget (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Vicki Jones Jones, Vicki Child Nutrition
Ami Keller Keller, Ami Child Nutrition
Patricia Kenjura Kenjura, Patricia (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Collin Kerr Kerr, Collin (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Betty Killough Killough, Betty Transportation Drivers
Candice King King, Candice (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Valarie King King, Valarie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Christine Kirchens Kirchens, Christine Transportation Drivers
Micaela Klein Klein, Micaela (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Leslie Knight Knight, Leslie (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Julie Knipling Knipling, Julie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Sydney Knippa Knippa, Sydney (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Heather Kriewald Kriewald, Heather (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Tara Krueger Krueger, Tara (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Lance Kullman Kullman, Lance (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Patricia Larsen Larsen, Patricia (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Lawing Lawing, Jennifer (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Kimberly Lawing Lawing, Kimberly (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Thomas Lawing Lawing, Thomas (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Carlos Leal Leal, Carlos (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Leal, Michelle (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Ledbetter, Annette (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Katie Ledbetter Ledbetter, Katie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jody Lee Lee, Jody Transportation Drivers
John Lee Lee, John (361)790-2292 Transportation
Alice Lindquist Lindquist, Alice (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Dana Little Little, Dana (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Donna Looney Looney, Donna (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Misty Loosemore Loosemore, Misty (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Veronica Lowrey Lowrey, Veronica (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Alicia Luttman Luttman, Alicia (361)-790-2017 Superintendent's Office
John Luttman jr Luttman jr, John (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mitchell Lynch Lynch, Mitchell (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Praise Lynch Lynch, Praise (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Dana Madill Madill, Dana (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Daniel Makinen Makinen, Daniel Transportation Drivers
Maria Makinen Makinen, Maria Transportation Drivers
Latisha Mann Mann, Latisha (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jessica Manning Manning, Jessica (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Anna Manon Manon, Anna (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Julie Manson Manson, Julie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Glenda Marion Marion, Glenda (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Marshall, Linda (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Mary Martin Martin, Mary (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Angela Martinez Martinez, Angela Transportation Drivers
Daniel lewis Martinez Martinez, Daniel lewis (361)790-2292 Transportation
Toni Martinez Martinez, Toni (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jonathan Masch Masch, Jonathan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Emily Mason Mason, Emily (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Photo not available at user's request Mason, Gwendolyn (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Susan Mathers Mathers, Susan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Melissa Mathis Mathis, Melissa (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Debra Mayes Mayes, Debra (361)790-2250 Central Warehouse & Purchasing
Photo not available at user's request Mcburnett, Melissa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Mccall Mccall, Jennifer (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Kathryn Mccarty Mccarty, Kathryn (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rebecca Mcclure Mcclure, Rebecca Child Nutrition
Donna Mccluskey Mccluskey, Donna (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Linda Mccormick Mccormick, Linda Transportation Drivers
Jerry Mcdermott Mcdermott, Jerry (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Emmett Mcdonald Mcdonald, Emmett (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Mcgree, Stephanie (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Linda Mckeon Mckeon, Linda (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
David Mckinney Mckinney, David (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Martha Mcleod Mcleod, Martha (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Joe Medrano Medrano, Joe (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Morgan Melde Melde, Morgan (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Valente Mena Mena, Valente (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Donald Mercer Mercer, Donald (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Karen Mercer Mercer, Karen (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Becky Merritt Merritt, Becky (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Cynthia Metzler Metzler, Cynthia (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Rhonda Mieth Mieth, Rhonda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Robert Miller Miller, Robert (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Nelda Mills Mills, Nelda (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Warren Mitchell Mitchell, Warren (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sarah Moczygemba Moczygemba, Sarah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ashley Moeckel Moeckel, Ashley (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jenny Moeckel Moeckel, Jenny (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Roxan Mohr Mohr, Roxan (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Ciji Moody Moody, Ciji Transportation Drivers
Sammie Moore Moore, Sammie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Floyd Mora Mora, Floyd (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Susan Mora Mora, Susan (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Heather Morales Morales, Heather (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Yolanda Morales Morales, Yolanda Child Nutrition
Cherise Mosby Mosby, Cherise Child Nutrition
Michelle Moses Moses, Michelle Child Nutrition
Gary Mott Mott, Gary (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Shirley Mullenax Mullenax, Shirley (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Yvonne Mundine Mundine, Yvonne Special/Federal Programs
Mario Munoz Munoz, Mario Security and Monitoring
Andrea Naismith Naismith, Andrea (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kelsey Nelson Nelson, Kelsey (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Al Nesbit Nesbit, Al (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Hailey Ngo Ngo, Hailey (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Nguyen, Kelley (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Tam Nguyen Nguyen, Tam (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Mike Nowotny Nowotny, Mike (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Virginia Nunez Nunez, Virginia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Candace Ochoa Ochoa, Candace (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Janet Offutt Offutt, Janet (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Lindsay Olenick Olenick, Lindsay (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Aneita Ortiz-Cedeno Ortiz-Cedeno, Aneita District
Cari Parker Parker, Cari (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Joseph Patek Patek, Joseph (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Kathryn Patteson Patteson, Kathryn (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jeannie Payne Payne, Jeannie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Pena, Melissa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Logan Pence Pence, Logan (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Darla Perez Perez, Darla (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rheanna Picarazzi Picarazzi, Rheanna (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Sean Picarazzi Picarazzi, Sean (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Harvey Pina Pina, Harvey ACE Program
Xiomara Pina Pina, Xiomara (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Melissa Pittman Pittman, Melissa (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Trista Pittman Pittman, Trista (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Denise Poland Poland, Denise (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Paula Polasek Polasek, Paula (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Tina Pouliot Pouliot, Tina (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Diana Prieto Prieto, Diana (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rudy Quintero Quintero, Rudy (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Tonia Ramaker Ramaker, Tonia (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Ruth Ramirez Ramirez, Ruth (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Jennifer Ramos Ramos, Jennifer (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Patricia Randall Randall, Patricia (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Suzanne Ransleben Ransleben, Suzanne District
Rose Rau Rau, Rose (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Redden, Julie (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Cheri Reeves Reeves, Cheri (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Joseph Repasky Repasky, Joseph (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Marcia Repasky Repasky, Marcia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kimberly Reyes Reyes, Kimberly (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Mateo Reyes Reyes, Mateo (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Melissa Reyes Reyes, Melissa (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
David Rice Rice, David (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Emily Rice Rice, Emily (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Lori Rice Rice, Lori (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Robin Rice Rice, Robin (361)790-2260 Superintendent's Office
Nancy Richmond Richmond, Nancy Child Nutrition
William Ricketts Ricketts, William (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Shawna Rinche Rinche, Shawna (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Marcus Rios Rios, Marcus (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Gail Roaten Roaten, Gail (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jessica Robbins Robbins, Jessica (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Robie Robbins Robbins, Robie (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Alvira Roberts Roberts, Alvira (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jessica Rodrigue Rodrigue, Jessica (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Leticia Rodriguez Rodriguez, Leticia Child Nutrition
Nancy Rodriguez Rodriguez, Nancy (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Yvonne Rodriguez Rodriguez, Yvonne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Scott Rogers Rogers, Scott (361)790-2220 Superintendent's Office
Lisa Rozacky Rozacky, Lisa (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
K'trinia Saegert Saegert, K'trinia (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Arnoldo Salazar Salazar, Arnoldo (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lisa Saldivar Saldivar, Lisa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Irma Salinas Salinas, Irma (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Jacob Sanchez Sanchez, Jacob (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Luis Sanchez Sanchez, Luis (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Larry Satrang Satrang, Larry Transportation Drivers
Kate Schiwart Schiwart, Kate (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Anne Schobelock Schobelock, Anne (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Ross Schonhoeft Schonhoeft, Ross (361)790-2212 Business Office(CFO)
Christa Schultz Schultz, Christa (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Schultz Schultz, Jennifer (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Photo not available at user's request Schwab, Nicole (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Eric Scott Scott, Eric (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jay Seibert Seibert, Jay (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Lacy Seibert Seibert, Lacy (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Lucas Seidel Seidel, Lucas (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Stephanie Seidel Seidel, Stephanie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Roger Sellers Sellers, Roger (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Sheila Senterfitt Senterfitt, Sheila ACE Program
Photo not available at user's request Serna, David (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Brooke Sharum Sharum, Brooke (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jennifer Shatraw Shatraw, Jennifer (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Sarah Shea Shea, Sarah (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Tammy Shipman Shipman, Tammy Child Nutrition
Sheryl Shirley Shirley, Sheryl (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Lorne Shoemake Shoemake, Lorne (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Heather Sifuentas Sifuentas, Heather (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Kylie Silchenstedt Silchenstedt, Kylie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Julie Simmons Simmons, Julie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Martina Singleterry Singleterry, Martina (361)790-2292 Transportation
Angie Skinner Skinner, Angie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Ashley Smith Smith, Ashley (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Deborah Smith Smith, Deborah (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Myra Snider Snider, Myra Child Nutrition
Amanda Snyder Snyder, Amanda (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Dwayne Solis Solis, Dwayne (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Lynna Solis Solis, Lynna (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Ester Solis Solis, Ester (361)790-2250 Central Warehouse & Purchasing
Rosa Soto Soto, Rosa Child Nutrition
Christina Spears Spears, Christina (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Norm Spears Spears, Norm (361)790-2250 Superintendent's Office
Sally Specht Specht, Sally (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
John Speck Speck, John (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Kelly Spencer Spencer, Kelly (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Wayne Spillman Spillman, Wayne (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Jodee Stanush Stanush, Jodee (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
John Staples Staples, John (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Christopher Starnes Starnes, Christopher (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Donna Steinle Steinle, Donna (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
April Stone Stone, April (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Savannah Stone Stone, Savannah (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kimberly Stroud Stroud, Kimberly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
David Swartwout Swartwout, David (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Krystle Sweeney Sweeney, Krystle Child Nutrition
Jana Tarkington Tarkington, Jana (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Debra Taylor Taylor, Debra Child Nutrition
Connie Teal Teal, Connie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Teague Tharp Tharp, Teague (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Stacy Thole Thole, Stacy (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Judith Thomas Thomas, Judith (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Molly Thorn Thorn, Molly (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Alma Thornberry Thornberry, Alma (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Randa Tiner Tiner, Randa (361)-790-2017 Special Education
Juan Torres Torres, Juan (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Matthew Torres Torres, Matthew (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Cynthia Torrez Torrez, Cynthia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Rose Tran Tran, Rose (361)790-2240 Superintendent's Office
Laverne Trapp Trapp, Laverne (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Susan Travis Travis, Susan (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Elia Tristan Tristan, Elia Child Nutrition
Josue Tristan Tristan, Josue (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Olivia Tristan Tristan, Olivia Child Nutrition
Vilsa Troche Troche, Vilsa (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Donna Tunchez Tunchez, Donna Child Nutrition
Lynda Turner Turner, Lynda (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Dolores Valdez Valdez, Dolores (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Myra Vasquez Vasquez, Myra (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Naomi Vega Vega, Naomi Child Nutrition
Jesus Vela Vela, Jesus (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Dolores Venegas Venegas, Dolores (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Gina Vilches Vilches, Gina (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Marla Voigt Voigt, Marla Child Nutrition
Monica Waggoner Waggoner, Monica (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Traci Walter Walter, Traci (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Tracy Warren Warren, Tracy (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Pamela Waters Waters, Pamela (361)790-2033 Information Systems
Judy Weddell Weddell, Judy (361)790-2000 Discovery Learning Center
Jan Weekley Weekley, Jan Special/Federal Programs
Patricia Whiddon Whiddon, Patricia (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Elizabeth White White, Elizabeth (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Yvette Whitley Whitley, Yvette (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Katie Whitten Whitten, Katie (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Garry Wiatrek Wiatrek, Garry (361)790-2250 Central Warehouse & Purchasing
Bianca Williams Williams, Bianca (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Stratton Williams Williams, Stratton (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jed Wilshire Wilshire, Jed (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Amanda Wilson Wilson, Amanda Child Nutrition
Cheryl Wilson Wilson, Cheryl (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
David Wilson Wilson, David (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Jill Wilson Wilson, Jill (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Photo not available at user's request Wilson, Lisa (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Veronica Wilson Wilson, Veronica Transportation Drivers
Shalala Wood Wood, Shalala (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Tina Woodford Woodford, Tina (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Jaclyn Wooldridge Wooldridge, Jaclyn (361)790-2230 Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Elizabeth Worley Worley, Elizabeth (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Photo not available at user's request Young, Julie (361)790-2260 Live Oak Learning Center
Robert Young Young, Robert (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Tarah Young Young, Tarah (361)790-2220 Rockport-Fulton High School
Kristina Yzaguirre Yzaguirre, Kristina (361)790-2240 Fulton Learning Center
Linda Zapata Zapata, Linda (361)790-2250 Facility Maintenance & Operations
Samuel Zapata Zapata, Samuel (361)790-2212 Superintendent's Office
Alvin Zigmond Zigmond, Alvin Transportation Drivers
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