Robert Jackson

About Me

I am a 5th generation native of Rockport and have lived here all my life.  I am in my 44th year of teaching; ten years teaching 5th grade at Rockport Elementary and 34 years teaching Texas History at the middle school.  I have a BS in Elementary Education at Texas A&I University in Kingsville and an MS in history at Corpus Christi State University.  I have a beautiful daughter named Jayelynn who is married to a fine young man named Randall Nesloney (even if he is an Aggie - just kidding). And I have two awesome grandchilren, Brooklyn (age 8) and Brody (age 6).  And, if you couldn't guess, I'm a Texas Longhorn fanatic.

For the last 34 years, I have sponsored a volunteer extracurricular Texas History club for my students called the Armadillo Gang.  We explore local and area history on a more personal level and are involved with school and community activities. I will be giving your child the opportunity to join if they wish.  They will be bringing home an application and a letter of explanation shortly.

Mission Statement

    My mission is to make Texas history come alive for my students -- to make it pertinent and meaningful to their lives.  I want my students to "walk in the shoes" of the history makers -- to experience it for themselves.  The arts of storytelling, drama, and humor are my most effective instructional tools.  I often dress in costume to portray historical figures.  I regularly engage my students in role-playing and simulation activities to empower them to "feel" as well as learn about historical events.  I try to induce situations where the students are forced to discover their own genius -- making a decision, thinking critically, defending a position, solving a problem, making a value judgment; i.e. life skills.

My Interests

     I am an absolutely, certifiable, complete "History Nut".  Texas and local history are all-consuming passions of mine.  In addition to my teaching, I present "Living History" programs to organizations both locally and statewide where I dress as historical figures and tell their stories in the first person.  I also belong to a "Living History Reeanactment" group.  Genealogy and family history also occupy much of my free time.  I also am a passionate reader and love to travel, and yes, you guessed it -- especially to historical sites.  Watching sports on TV is also among my favorite pastimes.

Books and Links