Michael Hannum

About Me

Why am I here? I am a Rockportian! I was raised here; I graduated from here; I assisted my father in establishing a custom cabinet and trim business here (Hannum Woordworks, Inc.); and, like many growing up here, I grew up hoping for the day I could leave here. But, traveling all over the United States and meeting people in every state who envied my living in Rockport, my eyes were opened to the true magnificence of Rockport-Fulton. Consequently, I am still here.


Why did I become an educator? I hated high school, but I loved college. So I dove into the field of education with hopes of making public school as valid and enjoyable as was college for me. In 1997, I started teaching 8th grade English and coaching girls volleyball, basketball, and track for Rockport-Fulton Junior High School (now RFMS). I moved to RFHS to teach English from 2001 to 2009, at which time I became an assistant principal. I left the district in pursuit of further experience in different areas and situations, but always with the hope of someday returning to my Alma Mater, hoping to continue working toward the best education possible. Fortunately, the opportunity arose for me to return to the place of my beginnings. From the very first moment, I have been ecstatic about being back at Rockport-Fulton Middle School.   Still today, I love researching and facilitating ways for teachers and students to enjoy their experience at ACISD while maintaining expectations of excellence.


Most importantly, I am a husband and a parent.  I have a daughter that gleaned all she could from ACISD and earned an academic scholarship to Southern Methodist University (SMU), proving that those who want the best education here can attain it.  I also have a baby girl just under a year old and am even more highly motivated to contribute my best to every facet ACISD. 

Mission Statement

The best education and greatest opportunities for 100% of our students, 100% of the time! has always been my mission statement as a classroom teacher.  As an administrator, I hold to a variant statement offered me by my mentors Craig and Kathy Tallent.  She received this from Dr. Dick Elmore while attending his class at Harvard University, "Every student, every subject, every day . . . no excuses, no exceptions."

My Interests

My interests seem to revolve around four distinct entities: philosophy, religion, art, and music.


On a regular basis, I prefer reading to most any other activity.  As a preference, I read books and articles on education, curriculum, social issues, philosophy, and religion.  When I'm not reading, I'm writing.  I prefer writing poetry and essays inciting social action, philosophical consideration and religious fervor.


As an artist, I enjoy studying, practicing and teaching all forms of art.  Personally, I most often work in watercolor or pastel.


I love music!  I prefer the revolutionary music of the 1960's and early 1970's and new music of every style from Ray LaMontagne to Amon Amarth.  in short, I have an appreciation for every genre of music, especially music found on an LP from a vintage record store.


For relaxation, I watch action movies, old westerns and sports.  I am a particular fan of the Texas Rangers, but I will watch any baseball game available for viewing before picking other sports.  And, as strange as it might sound, I will often simply sit and think. Mindful contemplation is fast becoming a great tool for improved relationships and personal success.

Books and Links

Professionally: My favorite authors are Howard Gardner (Mulitple Intelligences Theory), Harold Bloom, John Taylor Gatto,  Torey Hayden, Sean Cain (Fundamental 5), and Jim Fay (Teaching with Love and Logic).  My latest endeavor is The Leader in Me by Stephen covey


Personally: I prefer reading anything that has been historically taught as Literature; my favorites being within British and Post-Modern Literature.  At random times, one will find me reading Shakespeare, the Romantics, the Existentialists, or the Bible.  I also enjoy reading the spiritual writings of various disciplines for the purpose of refreshing or challenging myself at the core.  My most recent interest has been works on psychological theory, and I've been attempting to mix it up with modern novels and pulp fiction.

Latest book: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda