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Do the assignments sent home each Monday.  Return the completed homework each Friday.

Read for 15 minutes each night.

Talk to your child about his/her day! Ask about what we did today. What story did we read? What was the topic in writer's workshop? What was our lesson in Math?  


About Me

My name is Toni Martinez.  I have taught Kindergarten in ACISD for 32 years.  I received my undergraduate degree from Texas A&I Univeristy in Kingsville, and earned my Master's degree from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.  I am excited each and every year to watch my students learn and grow.  This is truly a gift, that I am forever thankful for receiving.   We all have a calling on this this earth.  A reason why we are here... Teaching Kindergarten in my hometown, is my calling and my professional purpose!


I am a lifetime resident of Rockport, and appreciate the joys of a small town life.  I am married to Armando,my husband of 32 years.  We have have an adult daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.   I love being part of the Rockport-Fulton community.

Mission Statement

My mission for school, is much like my mission in life.  I want my students to be life long learners.  I want to teach the whole child... socially, academically, and emotionally.  I want them to feel successful each day, and know that I believe in them and their ability to learn and grow.  I believe in their present and in their future.  I hope to build a sense of pride in working hard and doing your best everyday.  I hope to instill a sense of helping those around you who are in need.  I want them to do all of these things so often, that it becomes part of their very being, part of their character and personality.  I want to learn from my students and their families.  Ultimately, I want to create a community of learners who learn and grow together... Everyday!  I value the relationships with the families in my classroom.  As we learn and grow... we become a FAMILY!

My Interests

My interests include spending time with my family and friends.  I would be lost without the close relationship I have with my sisters and sister-friends.

I read everyday... and encourage my students and their families to read everyday as well.

I LOVE spending time with my sweet 7-year-old grandson Cole Blake and grandgirl, Rian Rae who is a year old!

Books and Links


Audrey Wood