Bonnie Howell-Lutton

About Me

Proud Grandmother of three Grand daughters. Both my children were Rockport /Fulton graduates. (2003 & 2010).I also have 2 adopted children .The oldest graduated in 2017

(RFH) the youngest is in third grade. I have 2 horses and a Donkey that are also considered my Kids :)

I have written and published one book "Big Mystery of Baysport "                                                                                          . & .

I just might have the longest engagement in history...19 years now....

My Interests

horseback riding ,music , crocheting,writing ,gardening, photography, reading relaxing

At the beach ,Charlie's pasture,trips to Colorado 

Books and Links

 Favorite reads are ....Amish stories written by Amish authors. Second favorite historical fiction