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 Spanish II / español II


About The Teacher

Spanish is my second language and my second major on my undergraduate degree. Students learned my first major on my Bachelor of Arts degree was journalism, with an emphasis on public relations. Students' most asked questions have included where I went to school and some of my interests.


I graduated from Texas State University and attended Ohio University, where I completed a graduate research fellowship. I have studied graduate work in education at Texas State University as well as various professional development seminars.


My childhood hobbies were playing sports, such as little league baseball, cheerleading, twirling, volleyball, track, and tennis. Writing poetry, playing saxophone, or reading was and remains enjoyable. Today I still play tennis and write poetry, songs, and news stories. I've supported the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, United States Tennis Association, and was a charter member of the Charles M. Schulz museum. Working full-time on media relations, event planning, and economic development projects is wonderful. Yet, as I began to raise my own family, switching to full-time education and part-time public relations interests worked out great.


After helping to teach classes and volunteer at Texas State University, Dallas I.S.D., and Refugio I.S.D., I decided to move to the Rockport-Fulton community and teach full time at Aransas County I.S.D., where I have taught since 2007. With a background in Mass Communications and Event Planning, helping students learn about managing their time for studies and extra-curricular activities is a natural part of my wanting students to succeed.



Be respectful.

Be responsible.



Mission Statement

Mission For The Class

Let's learn some Spanish! We will develop our Spanish skills by listening, reading, writing, and speaking as we learn and apply ourselves each day.

My Interests

Songwriting, Event Planning, Community Service

Books and Links



Kahoot! quiz for "La Comida" practice


Days of the Week / Months of the Year






Pronoun Practice 


Direct Object Pronoun Practice


The Weather & The Seasons





La Escuela



La Tarea


La Ropa


Los programas



Animales en La Estancia (Animals on The Ranch)


En la estancia (On the ranch)


Actividades del Campo (Country Activities)


Las Partes del Cuerpo (Parts of the Body)


Articles (Culture)





"I like" practice


 Family terms






Imperfect Verbs Practice


Cursive Handwriting Practice (Students often ask about handwriting skills. I ask if they can sign forms. This is a great link.)



Questions Practice



Spanish-English Dictionary