Jennifer Vander pluym

About Me

I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri but always had aspirations to live and work on the water. I went to college at University of Wisconsin - Madison and majored in Zoology and Spanish. I earned a masters degree at North Carolina State University in Marine Biology. I have pursued multiple careers as an outdoor educator, fisheries biologist, scientific diver, and marine ecologist.

Mission Statement

I want to share my passion for science with the students not just through traditional learning but also through hands-on activities that build up their skillsets as well as their knowledge base. It is my hope that each student enjoys our journey in my classes and is able to find something they are passionate about along the way.

My Interests

I enjoy spending time outside! Kayaking, biking, running, hiking, swimming, camping - all of that good stuff. I also enjoy books and movies.

Books and Links

My Lesson Plans are on my Google Site.


Aquatic Science Google Classroom Codes:


First period: eigfvye

Third period: d5io7t3

Fourth period: e4w7hzg

Sixth period: 3gerfp6


AP Environmental Science Google Classroom Codes:


Second period: iiqpg5r