Marcus Rios

About Me

I have been in the culinary world for over 15 years. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Austin, TX. After graduation I worked at Bess Bistro owned by Sandra Bullock in Austin, TX.

I have worked with great chefs over the years which has sharpened my skills as a chef.

My journey on the way to becoming an Executive Chef was long and hard, but well worth it.


I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach Culinary Arts at Rockport/ Fulton High School. I have a great passion for this art, and look forward to passing on my experience and knowledge to those eager to learn.   

Mission Statement

Each student should walk away for this class with a understanding in Food preparation, 

industry safety and health standards. 


My Interests

of course cooking, hunting and fishing

But, I love to play disc golf!!