Carol Fuller

About Me

I learned Spanish by living in Guadalajara, Mexico for 4 years. I understand the intimidation factor sometimes presented by learning a foreign language. I try to be patient and understanding about this aspect of the class. All my students pass if they do the work.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help my students acquire the knowledge and skills to make them successful in life and to be productive members of society.

Syllabus: Spanish I is designed to help students begin to acquire the Spanish language. Classroom activities include practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing, along with cultural activities.This course focuses on present tense. Students will work individually, in pairs, and in small groups. Major projects will include menus, house plans, charts, booklets,posters and drawings. Students will use recall, application, evaluation and synthesis to form words and phrases into sentences and paragraphs. Spanish II is a continuation of the process of language acquisition. It focuses on past tense and expansion of vocabulary.

My Interests

I love to read, cook, do gardening, and have fun with my family.