Robert Young

About Me

 I am a 41 year old father of three. I'm a natural born Texan, And except for a time as an Army brat moving all over the world, I've been born and raised almost entirely in Texas.  My children are amazing, a 16 year old daughter that attends RF High School as a Junior and two smaller ones, a daughter that's 7 and starting Second Grade, and a son that is 6, and starting 1st.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, (Go Islanders!) with my Bachelors majoring in Interdisciplinary studies (education, focus in math), certified grades 4-8, AND 8-12. 

This is my 5th year here at Rockport Fulton High School, and I don't see that changing any time soon.



Mission Statement

To maintain active communication with students and parents on the learner's progress. 

To do this, I use Skyward email system. Please ensure the high school has a valid email address that is checked regularly for student progress. 



My Interests

My Interests include multiple things, but top of my list now is Teaching! (imagine that).  I love teaching, and I love all my students, without exception.  I work hard to get those moments where understanding begins in Mathematics. When I can explain something and the student says "Ohhhh....."  and they get it.  At that moment, I got -them- to understand something new, and have helped make them better and smarter people. 

My wife has been my rock (and sometimes my hard place too) to make sure I stuck to the path to get this amazing career.  Her love and support when things were hard, were invaluable and she comes first in my life. She is God's gift to me to cherish and take care of, and I take on that responsibility willingly and without reservation. 

Other minor interests, the things I do when I'm not a Teacher, Father or Husband,  usually involves Movies, Reading, and gaming. I love sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and comedy, or any combination of these. Most of my favorite books, are fantasy but have religious influence in their telling.

I am a member of Coastal Oaks Baptist Church in Rockport, TX.  My entire immediate family are members and deeply involved with most activities there.

Books and Links

PAP CLASSES: If you are looking for a lesson plan for your course, please go to the link I provided you in class, and in the skyward email.  Here it is again for your convenience!


Lessons for Algebra 2 PAP


I was there. How about you? 



Rock you like a Hurricane! 

Too old for your tastes? How about this: 


 Thunder and the Lightning.


(Sorry! I would have embedded the videos directly here, but its copyright risky. I prefer our school not be hunted by copyright attorneys looking to profit off of our not-for-profit.)