Xiomara Pina

About Me

My passion for Reading began when I was a young child and I would read everything that came my way. I enjoy the knowledge I get about places, people and things when I read.  As a teacher, my hope is to instill the same love of reading that I have in my kiddos, teaching them that Reading can always take them on an adventure into unknown places.

Mission Statement

My personal mission statement is to utilize my God-given gift of teaching to teach my students to become the best that they can be through coaching, motivating, and encouraging them to continue to learn and grow and to use their gifts to prosper and succeed.

My Interests

I'm interested in spending time with my husband of 25 years, and our two dogs, Kenzie and Tuxedo.  Other than reading, my interests include walking, hiking, kayaking and learning more about the world around me.