Wayne Spillman

About Me

After growing up in South Louisiana and graduating college at Northwestern State University, I decided to follow Horace Greeley's advice and "Go West, Young Man, Go West" across the Sabine River in 2006.  Leaving the Pelican State for the Lone Star State has been an interesting and enjoyable adventure.


This will be my 7th year at ACISD and 12th year overall in the education profession.  It is my privilege to expand the knowledge base of sixth graders in the sciences for the fourth consecutive year.  I have also taught science from the 4th through 8th grade level, 8th grade US history, technology and computer applications, and various elective courses throughout my career thus far.


On the athletic side, I coach Freshmen Football, JV and Varsity Boys' Soccer, and serve as the information director for Varsity Football.  I have also coached basketball, track and field, and even a season as a Defensive Coordinator in six-man football.

My Interests

When time permits to allow me the perk of having interests it shall be noted here.

Books and Links

Classroom Codes for Google Classroom

2nd Period:  lyntawg

3rd Period:  yuekhws

4th Period:  646rvi3

6th Period:  jrzjthk

7th Period:  m6g47ll