John Luttman jr

About Me

I graduated from Del Mar with an Associate in Drama, then I went to Texas A&M Corpus Christi and got my Bachelor of Arts in Technical Theatre. I enjoy reading books, watching movies, playing video games, as well as, painting and building.  


Mission Statement

My mission is to help the students learn the art and science behind Theatre Arts!  My passion is in lighting and set design, but I still enjoy acting on stage from time to time.  

This is a participation class, After we find our acting pieces and practice them we will then recite them in front of class for a test grade.

My Interests

Things that are different, and challenging.  I love learning new things, and figuring out how things work and move. 

Books and Links

Uil  Theatre

What is theatre capable of



Shakespeares Complete Works

Ten 10-Minute-Plays

Ten 10-Minute-plays: Volume II

Repect for Acting

A Challenge for an Actor