John Luttman jr

About Me

I graduated from Del Mar with an Associate in Drama, then I went to Texas A&M Corpus Christi and got my Bachelor of Arts in Technical Theatre. I enjoy reading books, watching movies, playing video games, as well as, painting and building.  I have been teaching at Rockport-Fulton High School for 4 years.


Mission Statement

My mission is to help the students learn the art and science behind Theatre Arts!  My passion is in lighting and set design, but I still enjoy acting on stage from time to time.  

This is a participation class, After we find our acting pieces and practice them we will then recite them in front of class for a test grade.

My Interests

Things that are different, and challenging.  I love learning new things, and figuring out how things work and move. 

Books and Links

Uil  Theatre

What is theatre capable of


Google Classroom codes

Theatre Arts 1 pd 1: dwkpdbl

Theatre Arts 1 pd 5: qv2un4a

Theatre Arts 1 pd 6: cit773p

Theatre Arts 2: 4hizhe6

Theatre Production: 67yeyfx



Shakespeares Complete Works

Ten 10-Minute-Plays

Ten 10-Minute-plays: Volume II

Repect for Acting

A Challenge for an Actor