Katie Whitten

About Me

Hi! My name is Katie Whitten and this is my 9th year teaching at ACISD.

I have lived in Rockport all of my life and I'm so happy to now be raising my own family here. I have two kids of my own-Courtney is 18 years old, and Grey is 9 years old.

My Interests

Some of my favorite things to do are cook for my family and read magazines and books.

Books and Links

ELAR Google Classroom code for students in my homeroom: L37kthe

ELAR Google Classroom code for students in Mrs. Rodrigue's Homeroom: mm646zs


*All students already have joined these classes. Once you are in Classroom, just look for the box that says 3rd ELAR - Whitten. If you try to add a class that already exists, it will say the code is invalid.