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Emma Rose Hannum (Mr. and Mrs. Hannum's baby girl) turns 1 today!!! Happy Birthday Emma!!!! :)




Cell Theory Research (Tuesday, January 26, 2016)


Web of LIFE reserach links very helpful site! helpful descriptions of biomes a TON of information found on this site! great source for biotic and abiotic factors great source for biotic and abiotic factors great source for biotic and abiotic factors great for seeing food web organisms! great for building your food web and seeing organisms!  lots of hunting but great information! BIOMES! 








Galaxies webquest- February 27

Webquest on Galaxies:

Link #1:

Link #2

Webquest on Atoms:

Username: rfmsbrainpop

Password: rfms

HR Diagram Webquest-February 20

link #1:


link #2


Once you finish you may visit any of the sites below on the Universe:






Weather Webquest-Wednesday, January 14th 

 Air Masses 1

 Air Masses 2

 Fronts 1

 Fronts 2

 Warm and Cold Fronts

 Occluded Front

 Weather Questions

 Wind Patterns –

 Reporting the Weather -



Dynamic Earth Webquest- Wednesday, Nov 19th 



Plate Tectonics websites to investigate -Friday, Nov 14th  




STUDY FOR PTE RETEST-SG!!!!! atom/PTE basic tutorial


Periodic Table Webquest Wednesday, September 17 and Thursday, September 18t


Part I: “Major Players” Go to


Part II: “Get Organized Periodically”   Go to


Part III: “Family Fun”  Go to

Part IV: Using the web sites listed below and a copy of the Modern Periodic Table, answer the following questions:









 Awesome PTE links to checkout once you finish your Webquest COOL pictures and facts!  great pictures and information  MASSive amounts of college level information about elements elements organized alphabetically with basic information  colorful and informative on the PTE video clips with scientists using the element health effects of each element atom/PTE basic tutorial more COOL picture of PTE  Comic Book pages with elements in the text   pte game 

 Element Songs: element song PTE rap 









LInks for EM Spectrum Station:








Dynamic Earth Webquest Tuesday, November 19 


Plate Tectonics websites to investigate  








Atomic Timeline Reserach- Wednesday, September 4