Susan Grewe-Schneider

About Me

I love the second grade!  I am thrilled to be a part of the Live Oak Learning Center team.  This is my tenth year as a grade level teacher's aide.  My accent (as many Texans notice) is from the North - Minnesota.  I am happy I do not have to deal with six months of cold and snow anymore, but I will admit I might like to go back and visit Winter for a week.  I have a bachelor's degree in PR with a minor in Creative Writing.  I have 15 years of experience with assisting children in their learning.  I believe each and every child is a true, unique treasure to be cherished! 



Mission Statement

Kindness Matters!  

My Interests

I enjoy reading, writing, photography, and shopping.  My favorite place to spend time on the beach is Padre Island National Seashore!  We were able to attend a Kemp's ridley turtle release this summer!  I also enjoy walking along the beach to pick up seashells.  Spending time with family is another reason we relocated here.

Books and Links

I love so many books...especially children's books!  I love to read to children.  They take such delight in having an adult read to them.  Did you know that children think you are magical when you read to them?  I encourage you to read to your child today!  Our library is a wonderful resource.