5th grader Jack Heck (r) assists 3rd grader Jackson Warren (l) harvest radishes.jpg
Jack Heck (r) and Jackson Warren (l)

Posted: 10.29.2019

Fulton Learning Center Third Grade Students "Reap What They Sow"

Third grade students at FLC are proud to announce that they got to “reap what they sow”.    Funds generated from the school's metal recycling program were used to purchase heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Missouri.    The soil had been enriched with mulch created from tree debris from Hurricane Harvey that is still piled for use in the garden.    Back in early September, all 3rd graders planted vegetable seeds.    Today was harvesting day for radishes.    Students have been gathering and washing fresh radishes with the assistance of 5

Mia Rodriguez
Ms. Henderson's Third Grade Class
th grade mentor students helping them.    Next was radish tasting.      For many of our students, this was the first time they had ever tasted a radish.



Pic 1

Right to left

Jack Heck (5th) assists Jackson Warren (3rd) harvest radishes


Pic 2

Mia Rodriguez (3rd) ready to taste a radish! 


Pic 3

Ms. Henderson's third grade class all harvested out!