Updated: 05.07.2019

Senator Kolkhorst Provides a Statement Update for House Bill 3

 Senator Kolkhorst successfully added two amendments to HB 3 today on the Senate floor, based on her conversation with the Aransas County ISD Superintendent, among others. The first amendment removed a requirement that funds be appropriated to allow the TEA Commissioner to adjust the ADA for 2 years following a "governor declared" disaster. Currently, the Commissioner by law may adjust ADA for one year following a disaster. This amendment would then automatically extend it to two years and would apply to both Ch. 41 and Ch. 42 school districts.  The second amendment will require TEA to consider disaster remediation costs to include  the cost to repair or replace "vehicles and computers" damaged in a "governor declared" disaster. Following Harvey, a number of school districts lost busses, vehicles, and computers, items essential for the continued and sustained operations of their districts.