Updated: 03.08.2019

We Like Our High School Assistant Principals As Sweet As PIE!

Ladies and Gentlemen – when we say our admin team goes above and beyond we really mean it! Assistant Principal Gina Vilches took FIVE pies to the face today as a fundraiser for the RFHS PTO. A list of eight teachers and staff was put together for the students to vote and donate money for in hopes that they would be the lucky winner to pie a staff member in the face. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Vilches for her cooperation and great spirits. The PTO was able to raise almost $400! The RFHS PTO hosts events such as the Ice Cream Social every nine weeks for students who receive all A's on their report card, teacher appreciation, and other student activities. If you would like to join or be a part of the PTO please contact Ashley Hastings at