Updated: 02.28.2019

Student Artwork Advances to Area and State VASE

This past Saturday, February 23, 2019, those competing in the Region 2 Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) traveled to Gregory-Portland HS to have their artworks judged by surrounding artists and professors. This year there were 460 pieces of artwork juried and 36 pieces advancing to state. There were 18 schools and 27 teachers participating. Rockport-Fulton High School had 37 pieces of artwork juried and 26 of those pieces advanced to Area. From Area, State pieces were chosen. From those, 2 of our students' art pieces advanced to State VASE. Please congratulate these students that advanced to Area and State! Images attached are those who participated and the 2 pieces advancing to State. Thank you for your continued support of the art program!


Advanced to Area/Advancing to State Highlighted:

Barnes, Kelly 1 piece

Barrera, Amber 1 piece

Bogaards, Marina 2 pieces

Burciaga, Savannah 1 piece

Cruz, Brandon 2 pieces

Deleon, Jenasis 2 pieces

Frost, Molly 2 pieces

Hamilton, Jolie 1 piece

Hutt, Jude 1 piece

Moreno, Nicole 1 piece/ 1 piece advancing to state

Randall, Isabelle 1 piece

Ransom, Jacqueline 1 piece

Salazar, Alyna 2 pieces

Skinner, Kaylie 1 piece

Steward, Alexia 2 pieces

Taylor, Carissa, 2 pieces

Vaughn, Sophia 2 pieces/ 1 piece advancing to state

Vian, Gabriella 1 piece