group picture in Port Aransas 7AM.jpg
Group picture in Port Aransas

Updated: 02.28.2019

Third and Fourth Grade Birding Team Takes a Practice Field Trip to Port A

EXTREME BIRDING TODAY!    There is no other way to describe birding in 30 degree weather with 3rd and 4th graders.   Wow!    But the students brought appropriate outdoor cold weather clothing and could therefore handle short amounts of time in the cold looking for birds.   Unbelievably the kids found and identified 46 species of birds today.    Bron and I are both so impressed with the effort of the kids!

Ryan uses the scope while on the bus
RFMS assistant Sam Holden sets the scope up for the younger students.
Lauren checks over her list of species while en route back to FLC


Students left the school early this morning at 6:30AM and then traveled over to Port Aransas.   We began at the ferry landing and then jetties where the students found cormorants, willets, sanderlings, pelicans, and herons.     Next we ventured over to Paradise Pond and the Leona Turnbull Birding Center.   We finished our birding over at the Wetlands Center on the island before heading back to Aransas County.


FLC students joining us today included Ty Blankenship, Ryan Brewington, Juliet Flores, Lauren Holden, Kathryn Jones, Brayden Tran, and Riley Waggoner.    Students were accompanied once again by their Aransas Bird & Nature Club mentor Bron Rorex Carrier and their school sponsor Martha McLeod.    


Rockport-Fulton Middle School student Sam Holden was on the FLC birding teams back when he was in the 4th and 5th grades.    He joined the elementary students today on their trip as an older mentor to assist the younger team mates.    Thank you Sam for joining us today!    Bron and I are so proud of how you join us every Wednesday morning before school and work with tutoring the younger students.