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ACISD Strategic Plan


We believe:

  • Every student is unique with individual needs.
  • Learning is a lifelong pursuit.
  • A productive learning environment is physically, socially, and emotionally safe.
  • The success of the students is reflected in the attitude of the staff.
  • Students deserve the time, attention, and resources they need from the teachers, campuses, and the district.
  • All students, regardless of challenges, deserve a successful and positive future.
  • A strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics is essential.
  • Learning is a process that involves the entire community.
  • Our Call to Action:

    All ACISD students are equipped with the tools to navigate a path to success as a productive member of society.

    Our Learner Outcomes:


  • are equipped with every skill needed to accomplish their individual goals.
  • participate in collaborative learning experiences every day.
  • demonstrate technology literacy appropriate to their grade level.
  • use creativity to complete projects or solve problems.
  • demonstrate grade level appropriate literacy in reading, writing, math, and communication.
  • Our Learner Profile:

    Team World Collaboration

  • interpersonal skills
  • soft skills
  • serves others
  • social skills
  • Self-motivated

  • research
  • explore
  • Creativity

    Critical Thinking

  • problem solving
  • critical thinker
  • Adaptability

  • flexibility
  • time management
  • deal with change
  • Communication

  • written
  • skills
  • verbal
  • effective
  • Literate

  • technology
  • writing
  • reading
  • math
  • Our Goals:

  • All learning environments will be safe, inviting, properly resourced, and staffed to provide the opportunity to respond to unique needs.
  • We will utilize current and reliable technology in order to enhance learning and develop technologically literate students.
  • We will ensure all students are provided a solid educational foundation, challenging each student to reach his/her potential.
  • We will develop a system for creating, analyzing, and distributing assessment data.
  • We will develop a learning organization that fosters quality instruction through focused professional development and enhanced opportunities for innovative/creative thinking at every level.
  • We will evaluate ACISD Programs and initiatives annually, and will "phase out" every program not aligned with our beliefs.
  • We will capitalize on our diverse community resources to expose our students to real world experiences.
  • 2016-2017 Goals & Objectives (Year 3 of the Strategic Plan)