Curriculum Office

Plotting the Course is ACISD's PK-12 initiative that unites the district's programs for college and career awareness and readiness, workforce development, and equity training. The initiative is developed and monitored by a team of teachers from each campus, counselors, College and Career Readiness Coordinator, and the Plotting the Course administrative lead.

The initiative is designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Create a culture in the district where post-secondary education is an expectation and reality for all students.
  • Allow students the opportunity to explore, evolve, and articulate their future story.
  • Provide direct instruction in grades PK-5 teaching and developing specific messages -
    • Education includes four steps: elementary, middle school, high school, and post-secondary.
    • You must set goals, work hard, and make good choices.
    • You need to get involved in clubs and activities.
    • You need to take challenging classes.
    • Your future is all up to you!
  • Provide guided instruction in grades 6 - 12 that reinforces college and career awareness and readiness messages and assists students in planning and implementing their post-secondary future story goals.
  • Teach the hidden rules of the culture of work and school.
  • Collaborate with area employers and entities to provide paid internship experiences for high school juniors and seniors.
  • Provide teachers and staff with ongoing professional development in research-based strategies and methods for working with students from poverty.

Plotting the Course contains both district-wide and campus-specific components. District-wide components include the following:

  • Ongoing professional development on equity and brain research led by campus Plotting the Course lead teachers.
  • A focus on instruction and activities that promote the development of each student's “Future Story,” a vision of what they will do in life and a realistic plan to get there.
  • The use of environmental strategies to promote Plotting the Course messages, including posters, t-shirts, college banners, books, and videos.
  • The use of guest speakers and field trips to enhance students' awareness of career options.

The campus-specific components include the following:


  • Elementary Level Focus: Awareness
    • Discover Learning Center - Identify a career of interest and describe what a person in that career does. Students will identify the four steps of education.
    • Live Oak - Students will name at least four of the six post-secondary training options, three realistic career options in which they are interested, and connect their current actions and academic pursuits to their future goals.
    • Fulton - Identify three possible career choices, why these careers would be viable options for them, and the specific post-secondary education they need to complete for each career. Students will identify two activities they can do outside of school to strengthen their preparation for their career choices.
  • Middle School Focus: Exploration
    Students will identify the appropriate high school career pathway for their chosen career interests and the corresponding post-secondary education. In their end of year future story, students will identify their chosen high school career pathway and how it connects to their college and career choice.
  • High School Focus: Implementation
    Graduating students will identify their realistic plan for the fourth stage of education.
    • If attending University, Jr. College, Trade School, articulate plans for acceptance, tuition, housing, and other living expenses.
    • If entering the Military, articulate plans for acceptance, career pathway, and future education.
    • If entering an Apprenticeship or the Workforce, articulate plans for place of employment and career advancement opportunities

ACISD is proud to announce the publication of our book, All Good Pirates are Plotting the Course. Through a generous grant from The Education Foundation, we were able to publish and print books and give all students in grades K - 5 their own personal copy of the book.