Curriculum Office

Rockport Fulton Middle School Program Design:

Middle School Gifted and Talented students participate in an inquiry-based mentorship program where they focus on a self-selected area of interest from a pursuit of passion or through selection of a Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP). The goal of the mentor program is to offer students one-on one assistance to provide a more meaningful learning opportunity. All GT students utilize the advisory period that is built into the day to provide them time to work on their projects and for other mini-research topics. In addition to the mentor program, gifted and talented students also enrolled in a minimum of one Challenge, Pre-AP class and/or Algebra I, where they receive differentiation in the classroom. Gifted students interact with their teachers and classmates in heterogeneous grouping,while attaining benefits through the modification of content, process, product, and learning environment. An end-year showcase event highlights the students’ advanced research projects.


                           RFMS 2019 GT SHOWCASE