2020-2021 School Year

One Crew:  United with Purpose, Plan, and Promise

ACISD Families:

I would like to provide a critical update to our fall return plan for ACISD staff and students. The most difficult part of our work right now is making decisions as things change daily. Regional health conditions and state guidance is consistently in flux. One thing that remains consistent is the weight of responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the ACISD leadership team to keep staff and student health a priority. With COVID-19 cases rising in the Coastal Bend, we believe the most responsible thing we can do at this time is suspend in-person instruction and provide virtual learning for the first three weeks of the 2020-21 school year. Staff will return to buildings on the originally scheduled date with strict health guidelines and social distancing, and students will begin virtual learning on August 17th rather than August 13th. This was not an easy decision to make because we very much want students back in our buildings.

 To prepare our students for this return, we will ensure that:

  • every student has access to technology and Internet,
  • every student is provided with school supplies, and
  • instruction is provided for virtual learning with ACISD teachers.

We are factoring in every concern imaginable.  We know families need to go back to work. We know we want learning to happen in the classroom. We know that staff and students deserve safe places to work and learn. Thank you for working alongside us as we balance all of these very important needs. 


Joey Patek




ACISD serves one critical purpose: to consider the needs of every child, from our youngest to our oldest, and use every resource we have to create a learning environment that meets those needs. 

To accomplish this, we must consider physical health, academic, and social/emotional needs. We also know that taking care of students includes taking care of those who take care of them. Staff needs must be considered so they are equipped to tend to the diverse needs of our kids.




Option 1:  Student will participate in daily 100% Face-to-Face (F2F) instruction following a traditional model of instruction. Campuses will follow health guidance around prevention practices, response measures, and mitigation practices.  Middle and high school campuses will run a block schedule so that daily interactions are reduced by half. 

Option 2: Student will participate in virtual learning 100% of the time with daily required  instruction.


  • We will explore solutions that prioritize staff and student health with the guidance we are provided.
  • We will prioritize student learning, whether on-campus or virtually.
  • We will be flexible and creative to address the changing needs of our students and staff. 
  • We will provide avenues for open communication so that all perspectives are considered.


Please be aware that at any point, state officials could make a decision that completely                  changes our course, but we hope this information will allow you to make a choice based                    on current facts that will equip the district to fine tune important details. More detailed          information will be released through the month of July. 

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We will continue to provide updates as they are available. Remember that ACISD is special because our teachers and administrators know and care about the students in this community. However we serve your child this year, we will do it with attention to their needs.

Joseph Patek, Superintendent of Schools