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Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community.

Live Oak Learning Center Staff

Name Position Campus
Robin Rice Rice, Robin Principal LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Cox, Linda Assistant Principal LOLC
John Speck Speck, John Assistant Principal LOLC
Mellissa Glover Glover, Mellissa Nurse LOLC
Betty Anthony Anthony, Betty Office Staff LOLC
Kylie Silchenstedt Silchenstedt, Kylie Office Staff LOLC
Myra Vasquez Vasquez, Myra Office Staff LOLC
Pamela Alaniz Alaniz, Pamela Paraprofessional LOLC
Diana Delarosa Delarosa, Diana Paraprofessional LOLC
Christy Friedel Friedel, Christy Paraprofessional LOLC
Reyna Fuentes Fuentes, Reyna Paraprofessional LOLC
Lupe Garcia Garcia, Lupe Paraprofessional LOLC
Susan Grewe-Schneider Grewe-Schneider, Susan Paraprofessional LOLC
Heather Kriewald Kriewald, Heather Paraprofessional LOLC
Virginia Nunez Nunez, Virginia Paraprofessional LOLC
Diana Prieto Prieto, Diana Paraprofessional LOLC
Marcia Repasky Repasky, Marcia Paraprofessional LOLC
Sally Specht Specht, Sally Paraprofessional LOLC
Jodee Stanush Stanush, Jodee Paraprofessional LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Young, Julie Paraprofessional LOLC
Lynda Turner Turner, Lynda Teacher: Art LOLC
Andrea Brewington Brewington, Andrea Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Annette Gambill Gambill, Annette Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Amy Janssen Janssen, Amy Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Sammie Moore Moore, Sammie Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Angie Skinner Skinner, Angie Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Sarah Shea Shea, Sarah Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Tracy Warren Warren, Tracy Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Patricia Whiddon Whiddon, Patricia Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Wilson, Lisa Teacher: First Grade LOLC
Katherine Buckley Buckley, Katherine Teacher: Inclusion LOLC
Tami Domasco Domasco, Tami Teacher: Inclusion LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Gisler, Monah Teacher: Inclusion LOLC
Praise Lynch Lynch, Praise Teacher: Inclusion LOLC
Amy Boone Boone, Amy Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Sarah Buntz Buntz, Sarah Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Ruth Castillo Castillo, Ruth Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Katharine Holt Holt, Katharine Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Valarie King King, Valarie Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Toni Martinez Martinez, Toni Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Ashley Moeckel Moeckel, Ashley Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Darla Perez Perez, Darla Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Stephanie Seidel Seidel, Stephanie Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Cynthia Torrez Torrez, Cynthia Teacher: Kindergarten LOLC
Andrea Naismith Naismith, Andrea Teacher: Librarian LOLC
Susan Mora Mora, Susan Teacher: Life Skills LOLC
Amanda Snyder Snyder, Amanda Teacher: Other LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Nguyen, Kelley Teacher: Reading LOLC
Leasa Harrington Harrington, Leasa Teacher: Science LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Hough, Brittanie Teacher: Second Grade LOLC
Micaela Klein Klein, Micaela Teacher: Second Grade LOLC
Kathryn Mccarty Mccarty, Kathryn Teacher: Second Grade LOLC
Sarah Moczygemba Moczygemba, Sarah Teacher: Second Grade LOLC
Lisa Saldivar Saldivar, Lisa Teacher: Second Grade LOLC
Tina Woodford Woodford, Tina Teacher: Second Grade LOLC
Darcy Huggins Huggins, Darcy Teacher: Technology Teacher LOLC
Photo not available at user's request Grover, Jill Teacher: Third Grade LOLC
Candace Ochoa Ochoa, Candace Teacher: Third Grade LOLC
Name Position Campus