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Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community.

Rockport-Fulton Middle School Staff

Name Position Campus
Michael Hannum Hannum, Michael Principal RFMS
Christina Spears Spears, Christina Assistant Principal RFMS
Monica Waggoner Waggoner, Monica Assistant Principal RFMS
Patricia Frost Frost, Patricia Counselor RFMS
Gail Roaten Roaten, Gail Counselor RFMS
Patricia Larsen Larsen, Patricia Nurse RFMS
Chelsea Charlton Charlton, Chelsea Office Staff RFMS
Ofelia Gonzalez Gonzalez, Ofelia Office Staff RFMS
Barbara Gordon Gordon, Barbara Office Staff RFMS
Mary Aguilar Aguilar, Mary Paraprofessional RFMS
Kristin Devine Devine, Kristin Paraprofessional RFMS
Donna Looney Looney, Donna Paraprofessional RFMS
Donna Mccluskey Mccluskey, Donna Paraprofessional RFMS
Brooke Sharum Sharum, Brooke Paraprofessional RFMS
Susan Travis Travis, Susan Teacher: Art RFMS
Cheryl Wilson Wilson, Cheryl Teacher: Art RFMS
Mateo Reyes Reyes, Mateo Teacher: Band RFMS
Merlene Flournoy Flournoy, Merlene Teacher: Choir RFMS
Paul Foster Foster, Paul Teacher: Choir RFMS
Kimberly Clark Clark, Kimberly Teacher: ESL RFMS
Gretel Bardin Bardin, Gretel Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Carrie Cox Cox, Carrie Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Alicia Garcia Garcia, Alicia Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Hailey Hill Hill, Hailey Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Emily Mason Mason, Emily Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Photo not available at user's request Mcburnett, Melissa Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Matthew Torres Torres, Matthew Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Jaclyn Wooldridge Wooldridge, Jaclyn Teacher: English Language Art RFMS
Mark Jeffery Jeffery, Mark Teacher: Health RFMS
Trey Crampton Crampton, Trey Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
Larissa Garza Garza, Larissa Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
Joseph Grimes Grimes, Joseph Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
Valente Mena Mena, Valente Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
Photo not available at user's request Pena, Melissa Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
Christa Schultz Schultz, Christa Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
April Stone Stone, April Teacher: Mathematics RFMS
Vincent Flores Flores, Vincent Teacher: Other RFMS
Photo not available at user's request Glaus, Andrew Teacher: Other RFMS
Ryan Gupton Gupton, Ryan Teacher: Other RFMS
Amanda Bickle Bickle, Amanda Teacher: PE / Athletics RFMS
Joey Jasso Jasso, Joey Teacher: PE / Athletics RFMS
Joe Medrano Medrano, Joe Teacher: PE / Athletics RFMS
Alvira Roberts Roberts, Alvira Teacher: PE / Athletics RFMS
Lisa Bethel Bethel, Lisa Teacher: Reading RFMS
Nicole Gloor Gloor, Nicole Teacher: Reading RFMS
Kay Blaha Blaha, Kay Teacher: Science RFMS
Andria Hannum Hannum, Andria Teacher: Science RFMS
Sydney Knippa Knippa, Sydney Teacher: Science RFMS
Photo not available at user's request Leal, Michelle Teacher: Science RFMS
Glenda Marion Marion, Glenda Teacher: Science RFMS
Wayne Spillman Spillman, Wayne Teacher: Science RFMS
Teague Tharp Tharp, Teague Teacher: Science RFMS
Ashton Davis Davis, Ashton Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Mike Elkins Elkins, Mike Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Robert Jackson Jackson, Robert Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Tom Jaggard Jaggard, Tom Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Mitchell Lynch Lynch, Mitchell Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Sean Picarazzi Picarazzi, Sean Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Emily Rice Rice, Emily Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Robie Robbins Robbins, Robie Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Kelly Spencer Spencer, Kelly Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Shalala Wood Wood, Shalala Teacher: Social Studies RFMS
Photo not available at user's request Mcgree, Stephanie Teacher: Tech Apps/Business RFMS
Lacy Seibert Seibert, Lacy Teacher: Tech Apps/Business RFMS
Name Position Campus