Jill Wilson

About Me

Hello! My name is Jill Wilson. I have two daughters named Michaela and Keely. Michaela is a Senior in High School and Keely will be entering first grade!My husband's name is Keith.  We have lived in Rockport for a LONG time. I went to school in Rockport from 4th grade and graduated from Rockport-Fulton High School. I went to college knowing exactly what I wanted to do - TEACH! I began teaching in 2005 and truly believe there is nothing else I'd rather do!

Mission Statement

My focus is on student achievement. I want students to be successful in all aspects of their lives. I feel that it is my responsibility to nourish students' gifts and talents and push them to be even better.

My Interests

I love to do lots of things with my girls. We swim, play on the trampoline, bake and read together. With my husband we do a lot of fishing and hunting! We are an "outdoorsy" family!.

Books and Links






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