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Dyslexia Services

Texas law mandates and structures the identification and instruction of students with dyslexia and related disorders. The ACISD Dyslexia Plan is designed to meet or exceed the expectations detailed in The Dyslexia Handbook - Revised 2018, approved by the State Board of Education and published by the Texas Education Agency. The plan ensures that dyslexic students are appropriately identified and served through individualized, intensive, and multi-sensory methods as appropriate.
Dyslexia documents:
ACISD Dyslexia Guidelines and Procedures
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Dyslexia Contacts
The following professionals serve as the dyslexia contacts for their assigned campus:
Rockport Fulton High School Emma Buck Dyslexia Interventionist 361.790.2220
Rockport Fulton Middle School

Lisa Bethel

Nicole Gloor

Dyslexia Interventionist 361.790.2230
Fulton Learning Center

Vanessa Friebele

Heather Morales

Dyslexia Interventionist 361.790.2240
Live Oak Learning Center

Amber Hillis

Tami Domasco

Dyselxia Interventionist 361.790.2260
Aransas County ISD Jessica Robbins Program Director 361.790.2212