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Superintendent's Message


Welcome to the 2022-23 school year in Aransas County ISD! As we enter a new school year, I am excited about the solid educational foundation we are building for our students in the Aransas County ISD community. This foundation is not possible without the investments being made by great teachers, and staff, a supportive school board, and an engaged community. With these critical partnerships, we will reach our students' common destination of excellence. In ACISD, we are instilling a belief that if our students START HERE with us, they can GO ANYWHERE!


Safety and security are on the minds of every staff member in ACISD as well as the families we serve in our community. Our district regularly practices, reviews, and updates emergency procedures throughout the school year. Our district has always gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Most districts our size do not have a police department, but some years ago, your school board members were proactive in hiring a Chief of Police and maintaining a police presence in ACISD. As a result, all of our campuses have an armed police officer. Our police officers work alongside our campus administrators to ensure that all exterior doors remain locked throughout the instructional day. Please note that you might see an increased police presence on or near our campuses leading up to the first days of school as our ACISD officers work with our local law enforcement agencies to review and practice some of our emergency procedures. 

ACISD has and will continue to conduct active shooter table top training with each of our campuses. All staff will receive active shooter training, Stop the Bleed, and other training related to the presence of an active shooter. Every school has a visitor check-in system where guests are vetted before being granted access to the school. The district has many security cameras that are frequently monitored by campus staff. ACISD will not implement clear backpacks for students this upcoming school year.

New to ACISD, students in grades 6th-12th will be required to wear a student ID. Students will be able to use their IDs to check out library books, Chromebooks, and scan their required information to receive breakfast/lunch. We plan to have this new system up and running by October, if not sooner. In the future, parents of students who ride the school bus will be able to track when their child enters/exits the school bus. 

Lastly, the most effective procedure we can all exercise is to be visible and report suspicious behaviors and/or people immediately. Therefore, we have upgraded our Anonymous Alert system, which is readily accessible on the district's website at www.acisd.org/alerts/


As our teachers returned to work this week, I want to take the time to thank them for their commitment to the students of Aransas County ISD. Our teachers have spent countless hours preparing, training, volunteering, researching best practices, and swapping ideas with other teachers. I know that there is a lot happening in Texas and in our nation. You have teachers who love working with your children. They are praying for your kids, building positive relationships, and doing everything they can to keep your children safe. 

Students, we are excited to see you and help you reconnect with friends, teachers, coaches, counselors, and other support staff. You are the reason we do what we do! We are committed to empowering you with the knowledge to GO, SERVE, and LEAD within our community and beyond. 

Lastly, I cannot thank families and community members enough for your involvement in our children's lives. Your commitment to your children's education, paired with the Pirate family's commitment, sends a strong message to our students as we work to provide an outstanding educational experience for students to GO ANYWHERE and become anything they want in life. We are living through unique but exciting times full of new opportunities and learning for all involved. 

I am proud of the accomplishments within our schools and across the district. I look forward to our continued partnership in the coming school year.