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FLC GT Students Study Hurricanes

Gifted and Talented students at Fulton Learning Center went on a walking field trip to photograph the effects of Hurricane Harvey. The students will use their photographs for a study of hurricanes and gathered items for an upcycling project. The students are excited about their projects and will continue to study the hurricane heroes and helpers and what has been learned through history about hurricane safety and building codes.


The fourth grade students will focus on the TPSP Innovation Celebration with an emphasis on inventions used during the recovery process by the helpers. 4th Grade Students Pictured: Mia Brogdon, Gus Johnson, Katarina Villanueva, James Soto, Mercedes Esparza, Anagalique Elizondo, Shivam Patel, Geneziz Ortero, Journie Hernandez, Alizabeth Garcia, Chloe Parr, Laigen Hillis, Gracie Simmons, Adrian Villarreal and Nobel Chapman.


The fifth grade students will be working on the TPSP Tell a Tale of a Texas Trail with a focus on hurricane safety and building codes throughout history starting with the Great Hurricane of 1900. 5th Grade Students Pictured: Kaleb Conner, Nikki Allen, Mark Kelley, Caden Malone, Ella King, Allison Cochran, Tristan McRae, Hudson King, Talon Kenfield, Layla Lopez and Danae Vasques.


Current District News

Notice of Public Hearing

ACISD will hold a public meeting on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Rockport Elementary Auditorium to present the Little Bay and Live Oak Learning Center Targeted Improvement Plan Elements for the 2017-2018 school year.......

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Tux/Drape and Cap-Gown Proofs Pick Up

Portrait Information: Senior Tux/Drape, Cap-Gown and Underclassmen proofs are in from Lifetouch Photography. Order deadline is Friday,......

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RFMS 12 Days of Christmas Kindness

Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness is coming to RFMS! Each day focuses on a different act of kindness. Students "caught being kind" will receive a coupon from a teacher,......

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RFMS Picture Day, Dec. 5th!

RFMS Picture Day will be Tues, Dec. 5th! You do not need to purchase photos in advance, we will send proofs/order forms home in a couple of weeks.......

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LOLC Students Study Hurricanes

LOLC Gifted and Talented students are focusing on various aspects of hurricanes, and like FLC GT students, will upcycle articles found on walking field trips around the campus.......

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RFHS Accountability Rating

  Rockport-Fulton High School Principal Scott Rogers is proud to announce that RFHS received a Met Standard accountability rating and two distinction designations from the Texas Education Agency for student performance in 2017.......

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