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The Aransas County ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved a bond referendum totaling $26.8 million to be included in the general election scheduled for May 14, 2011. Proceeds of the referendum would be used by Aransas County ISD to build permanent structures at Live Oak 1-3 Learning Center and Fulton 4-5 Learning Center to replace temporary buildings and renovate instructional support facilities.

The Board voted to call the election during the regularly scheduled meeting on January 20, 2011. The decision was made following an extensive study conducted by a Facilities Committee comprised of community members, parents, business representatives and school district staff. The Facilities Committee was formed in February of 2009 to explore possible solutions to deficiencies in school facilities. The Committee identified the replacement of temporary buildings at Live Oak 1-3 and Fulton 4-5 Learning Centers as the area of greatest community concern. The school buildings currently in use at these campuses include 44 temporary classrooms and 6 temporary restrooms. The Facilities Committee determined that the temporary buildings would have to be replaced three to four times over a period equal to the life of permanent construction and temporary buildings are more expensive to maintain over the long run than new construction. In addition, they noted that temporary structures do not support all teaching technologies and compromise student safety.

During a presentation to the Board of Trustees at a special meeting held on January 10, 2011, representatives of the Facilities Committee explained their findings to board members. They identified their goal for new construction at Live Oak and Fulton Learning Centers as a "bare-bones" approach to replacing the temporary buildings and meeting the minimum standard set by the Texas Education Agency for classrooms and support facilities. The Committee’s recommendation to the Board includes the replacement of 50 temporary buildings and the renovation of substandard instructional support facilities. The Facilities Committee cited lower interest rates and decreased construction costs as important reasons to call for a bond election at this time.

Passage of the $26.8 million bond referendum would fund:

New Construction at Fulton 4-5 Learning Center - $8.1 Million

Ten Regular Classrooms, Art Classroom, Music Classroom, Nurse’s Clinic, Academic Support Offices, Custodial and Storage Area, Improved Student Pickup Points, and Four Entrance and Exit Points

New Construction at Live Oak 1-3 Learning Center - $18.7 Million

Thirty-Six Regular Classrooms, Two Science Labs, Art Classroom, Two Computer Labs, ISS Lab, ESL Lab, Math Lab, Challenge Lab, Cafetorium (multi-purpose area combining kitchen, dining, seating and stage), Improved Student Pickup Point, and Five Entrance and Exit Points

Click Here to view the Facilities Committee Presentation

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