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MARTHA MCLEOD Subject Area Coordinator for Science at FLC Subject Area Coordinator for Science at FLC: MARTHA MCLEOD


Fulton 4-5 Learning Center has one of the best science programs in the state of Texas.    Students are guaranteed hands-on learning experiences through our 4th and 5th grade science lab programs.  Plus, all students receive additional practice of scientific concepts through their regular science classes.  Students in the 5th grade take a STAAR exam in science in late April.   Our campus continually surpasses the state avg. passing % every year by at least 5 percentage points or more. (In the 2012/2013 school year, FLC surpassed the state passing average by 7 percentage points)   Our campus extends science learning outside of the classrooms too.   We have established vegetable and wildflower gardens plus poultry gardens where chickens, guineas, peafowl, ducks, and quail are allowed to roam.   Students get to witness firsthand competition for food and water between these species and their everyday battle against predators for survival.