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Theatre Arts
Photo not available at user's request Theatre Director: ROBERT MARTINEZ


Visual Arts
KATIE CLYBURN Visual Arts Lead Teacher, Art I, Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics Visual Arts Lead Teacher, Art I, Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics: KATIE CLYBURN


Our Mission is to help every child express and explore the depths of their creativity by fearlessly conveying their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a sucessful work of art.Visual Arts is a fine arts program that promotes student success in many positive ways. Our goal is to guide art students to achieve their personal best by fostering a thorough understanding of art. By instilling technique in a variety of art media (painting/drawing/sculpting/printmaking) along with an awareness of art history, students will learn to build self-confidence, become creative thinkers and gain an overall appreciation for all types of art. Every student will also have the opportunity to compete in several art competitions throughout the year while compiling a portfolio of quality art works.